We offer services to our patrons through the Georgia Libraries for Accessible Statewide Services program, or GLASS. If you'd like to sign up for GLASS services or want to find out if you qualify, please contact us at (478) 272 - 5710 or come by the library and we'd be happy to help. We offer a variety of GLASS services, including a quiet reading and speaking area, a MagniLink S reading camera, a MagniLink Voice reading machine, a pair of digital magnifiers, and a computer area with accessibility features. We have staff that are available to assist with these devices during normal operating hours. Please call and make an appointment if you'd like to learn to use any of our equipment!

Public Computers

We provide an assortment of options for public computer usage - whether you are doing online school work, job applications, or internet browsing, we can accommodate. Parents with small children will appreciate our public computers located in the children's department, allowing parents and guardians to keep an eye on their children while still being able to enjoy our other computer services. Please note that computer use in the Laurens County Library is governed by the Computer Use Policy. An online version of this document may be viewed here.


We provide wireless internet access to all of our patrons. The SSID is "Library WiFi". In the event you are unable to connect successfully, please try using the "Forget this network" option on your device, and reconnect. Please note that use of our wireless internet access is subject to the same computer use policy agreement governing use of the public computer areas.

Accessing our computer services

Accessing our computer services requires a PINES account in good standing. To find out more about getting a library card, or to read up on exemptions that might apply to you, please check out our FAQ page!